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Just Treats At Gracie Barra Sydney This Halloween

<center>Just Treats At Gracie Barra Sydney This Halloween</center> image

Get an amazing treat this Halloween at Gracie Barra Sydney!

2020 Competition Team

<center>2020 Competition Team</center> image

Check out the awesome video below!

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Register Now For The
IBJJF Pan Pacific Championships!

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One of the biggest competitions of the year is approaching fast!

Prof. Ana Laura Cordeiro Training Camp

Prof. Ana Laura Cordeiro Training Camp image

Prof. Ana Laura Cordeiro is coming to Australia for an incredible Training Camp!


Prof. Ana Laura is an incredible competitor, GB School Owner, mother and

epresentative of Gracie Barra! She is also a 2nd Degree Black Belt under Master Carlos Gracie Jr! 

GB Oceania Awards Night Is Here!

GB Oceania Awards Night Is Here! image


GB Oceania is proud to announce the GB Awards Night 2019!



Come celebrate the fantastic year GB Oceania has had in style, and celebrate all of our achievements!

We will be announcing the GB Oceania Ambassadors for 2020, black belt grading and the GB Oceania Loyalty Award

Congratulations to Prof. Glauco and Coach Sean
On Your Super Bonus!

<center>Congratulations to Prof. Glauco and Coach Sean<br>On Your Super Bonus!</center> image

Congratulations to Prof. Glauco de Almeida and Coach Sean Fong on your super bonus!

Richie Harris - A Story of Change!

Richie Harris - A Story of Change! image

2 months ago, we brought you the story of Richie Harris. Here is the latest update!


Is Sport Jiu Jitsu
Good For Self Defense?

<center>Is Sport Jiu Jitsu<br>Good For Self Defense?</center> image

This is a debate that is increasing in the jiu jitsu world as jiu jitsu becomes more popular and the availability of sport jiu jitsu competitions increases and more schools move towards teaching sport jiu jitsu in their classes.

The fundamental question at the heart of the debate is “Does training sport jiu jitsu prepare someone adequately for a street self defense situation?”

Check Out The Highlights From
The Barra Fit Oceania Games 2019

<center>Check Out The Highlights From<br>The Barra Fit Oceania Games 2019</center> image

Check out the highlights below!

The Most
Important Escape

<center>The Most<br>Important Escape</center> image

If I asked you what is the most important escape in jiu-jitsu, what would you say?


If we asked a room full of students at the Gracie Barra school this question,

for certain at least one hand would be raised in the air “I get stuck underneath side control and can’t get out. How do I escape?”

Student Question:
“What is the difference between
Jiu-Jitsu with the gi and no-gi?”

<center>Student Question:<br>“What is the difference between<br>Jiu-Jitsu with the gi and no-gi?” image

A Gracie Barra student asks “I’ve been training in the gi and have been thinking about doing some no-gi training. What is the biggest difference between gi and no-gi training?”

Master Carlos Gracie Jr., when asked about the difference between self defense jiu-jitsu and the more sport oriented training replied that he felt there was only one jiu-jitsu. That is to say the core techniques, positions and principles of jiu-jitsu are mostly the same despite a different rule set for competition or a street self defense situation. A back mount position is dominant with or without the gi. The fundamental jiu-jitsu technique – the rear naked choke is as effective in a self defense situation as it is training no-gi at the Gracie Barra school.

Now that we have made that point, what ARE the main differences between gi and no-gi?

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Learn More About Coach Sean Fong!

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Learn more about Coach Sean Fong!


Click the button below to check out this amazing video about him, his outlook on life, and how Jiu-Jitsu has inspired him!

How To Overcome Mistakes With The Lessons
Of Jiu-Jitsu With Prof. Marcio Feitosa

<center>How To Overcome Mistakes With The Lessons<br>Of Jiu-Jitsu With Prof. Marcio Feitosa</center> image

Prof. Marcio Feitosa is a 5th degree black belt under master Carlos Gracie Jr. – who starting training when he was 12 years old.


Prof. Marcio Feitosa was one of the most successful Gracie Barra competitors capturing a World BJJ Championship

before turning his efforts to being a head instructor at Gracie Barra and working to grow the Gracie Barra team

both in Brazil and the earliest schools in the USA.

NSW State Champions

NSW State Champions image

Congratulations to everyone who represented Gracie Barra Sydney,

and the wider Gracie Barra team, this past weekend at the NSW State Championships!